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You Don’t Have to Have All the Answers.
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The Problem:

One of your loan processors questions whether a transaction is TRID-applicable because of the complexity of the situation. She asks other processors, the lender, and the bank president, but everyone has different assumptions.

Some of the team then take time out of their valuable schedule to do some online research and then pose their findings to the group. Since there is no majority consensus, the processor goes with the “best guess” and finishes creating the loan docs.

In the world of community banking, having access to a reliably strong, compliance-support system is priceless! Instead of hiring a full-time employee that adds so much expense to your bottom line, consider one of OnTrack’s support solutions:

Solution #1:

OnTrack On-Call!

Become an OnTrack On-Call Client with billing assessed as-you-go. 

Your bank will be added to my system and then invoiced monthly in the following manner:

  1. All research and response time will be billed in quarter-hour increments. For simpler responses with only a few minutes’ research time, you will be billed ¼ hour.
  2. For anything more-lengthy, I will advise you, beforehand, of the approximate amount of time that your question may require so you can determine whether you would like me to proceed BEFORE any time-tracking occurs.
  3. It is my desire to have a response back to you within a few hours during normal business hours.

Solution #2:

OnTrack LifeLine!

If you would rather have unlimited 24/7 access, you can sign up to become an OnTrack LifeLine Client!

Your entire staff can call or email as many times during the month as needed and you will be billed one set, monthly rate, thereby eliminating the guesswork from invoices.

Either way, YOU determine the usage level for your bank. With OnTrack’s Support Service, flexibility is key. Try the On-Call level for one month, then switch up to the LifeLine access the next. 

Drop me a line today to learn more about OnTrack’s flexible terms and reasonable rates for your bank’s compliance demands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you certified in the area of compliance?

Yes, I received my CRCM in April of 2011 and keep it current.

Who, on my team, will be allowed to utilize the support line?

Anyone and everyone who has questions in regard to compliance issues.

Are we limited to number of emails and/or length of calls?

No. Your support contract includes as many emails and/or phone calls as it takes to sufficiently come to a satisfactory conclusion.

What happens if we have a situation that you cannot answer?

I have resources at my disposal that I utilize to research in order to find the best possible response. If my research takes minutes, or hours, to complete, that is my time spent on your behalf. You are NOT charged for any extra research time that may be required.

Find Out More About OnTrack Support Services!

Just send an email and start the conversation. We’ll answer any questions you may have with NO OBLIGATION. If you don’t think we’re a good fit, we’ll leave you alone. And we won’t sell your email address or put you on anyone’s mailing list — not even our own. That’s a promise.

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